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The Cyclades
Sailing Conditions...

  • Meltemi from NE
  • July to August strong winds
  • Sunny and warm
  • Odd shower and squall - early/late season
  • Mainly line-of-sight sailing

Local Information...
  • Currency - Euro
  • Language - Greek
  • Time Zone - GMT + 1

Base Facilities...
  • Small supermarket
  • Showers & toilets
  • Swimming pool
  • Bars & restaurants
  • Fuel & water
  • Money exchange

The Sporades Islands are located off the eastern shore of mainland Greece and are known for their golden sands, crystal clear waters and quaint little villages. In comparison to the more southern islands of the Aegean, the Sporades are dense with greenery and the forests reach all the way to the beaches. The close distances between the 11 islands (only Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skiros are inhabited) means line-of-sight sailing and short, sightseeing hops.

While the inhabited islands share a similar mountainous landscape, they all have their very own distinct personalities. All four islands have something to offer a Sunsailor, whether you are looking for nightlife, quiet beaches, watersports, mountain walks or just a hideaway from everything!


The most widely known island of Sporades group, Skiathos is also the smallest – approx 8 miles long. Skaithos has developed touristically at a faster and more advanced rate than the others, due partly to the islands airport, but mainly because of its stunning natural beauty. Like the other islands Skiathos is extremely green, but it also has an abundance of fine, sandy beaches stretching all along the south facing coast offering fabulously clean seas, golden sand and watersports. Skiathos also offers a riding school and a tennis club with clay courts.

Within a walkable distance from the marina in the Port of Skiathos is Skiathos town, a very cosmopolitan resort with supermarkets and grocery stores, small taverns, quality restaurants, coffee shops, bars and nightclubs.

Despite the fact that the island and some of its beaches can be busy in high season, it’s still possible to escape from the crowds by sailing along Skiathos’ north coast. More rugged than the south, this area has hardly been developed and there are some lovely natural beaches only accessible under sail. From this coast the views out over the ocean are breathtaking.

Sailing from Skiathos you have access to an area extending from the Gulf of Volos throughout all the Sporades Islands to Skyros. (Skyros is no longer part of the official sailing area, although yachts can visit providing they sign a waiver).

Milina is a small, attractive seaside village located on the eastern shores of the Gulf of Volos. Attractive tavernas spill out onto either side of the coastal road running through the village which remains a quiet area unspoilt by tourism. The village has a few local stores for provisioning and a good pharmacy and medical centre locally.

The Sporades
Useful Information
The Sporades is in the midst of the Aegean - the birthplace of Greek seamanship and also the word ‘archipelago’, which originally meant the sea containing the Aegean Islands, but now means any large group of islands. During Summer the Meltemi wind blows every day from dawn, peaking at noon and dropping off at sunset. Unlike the Ionian, the Aegean is not a deep sea and the visible islands are peaks of old hills and mountains. Because of this you sometimes have to have your wits about you when sailing close to shore! 

The Cyclades Islands cluster is a group of Greek Islands situated in the deep blue Aegean Sea. It is considered one of the finest vacation destinations worldwide, providing visitors with a wide range of diverse characteristics.

Wherever you choose to charter in Greece you can be certain of one constant, a warm welcome from both the locals and the weather – the sun shines in Greece for over 3000 hours a year!
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The Cyclades Islands cluster is a group of Greek Islands situated in the deep blue Aegean Sea. It is considered one of the finest vacation destinations worldwide, providing visitors with a wide range of diverse characteristics.

All Cycladic Islands share some distinctive features, such as the renowned Cycladic architecture, narrow cobblestone alleyways, fascinating archaeological, historical, religious and natural sights, quaint seaside and mountain villages and endless beaches. Each island though has several specific characteristics that make it stand out from the rest, making the islands absolutely unique, each in its own way.

The Cycladic Islands will satisfy all types of visitors by offering both stimulating, energetic holidays, or quiet, relaxed vacations. Whether you are vacationing as a family, a group of friends, a couple or alone, you will definitely find your ideal holiday destination among the Cyclades. 


Lavrio is the gateway to the Aegean Islands as well as only twenty minutes from the new airport for Athens. The town itself is on the southeast coast of Greece and tranquil. Its harbor front is quiet and pretty, and the town is friendly.

The Cyclades
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